Please click on the title to read in full.   If this post applies to you it is extremely important you read the new entrant application information in detail, this post merely highlights important dates – the online application process goes live. Tuesday 5th November 2019.  Please click here or visit our About Us Latest Documents page to download ‘Sept 2020 New Entrant’ communications as  additional open day visit sessions will be held in January during the week beginning 06/01/20. Date TBC.

Please read through the Admission to Primary School Information Booklet carefully before filling in your CAF form, this can be downloaded at

  • You need to be very clear about which school you want as your first preference
  • Parents/Guardians should complete only ONE COMMON APPLICATION FORM PER CHILD
    • For a place here at John Wesley you must also collect the Supplementary Information Form from the school office, complete and return it to school no later than 9.00 a.m. Wednesday 15th January 2020
    • Parents/Guardians must submit online completed CAF Form by Wednesday 15th January 2020, the online application process goes live on Tuesday  5th November 2019. If you apply on line a paper copy must not be submitted.
    • Forms received after this date will be considered as late applications (please read Admission to Primary School Information Booklet for further advice)

To apply for a firm place at this School for your child for September 2020, you will need to complete a special form called a Common Application Form (CAF form for short), and if you are applying for a place on Church Affiliation, a Supplementary Information Form (SIF form for short) MUST be collected from and returned to this school.

Miss Rachael Harrington