Additional to the dates below please be aware school is closed to children for five staff training and development dates per school year, these will be provided in the school calendar at the beginning of the new school year.

Term Dates – Academic Year 2019 – 20

Term 1Monday 2nd SeptemberFriday 18th OctoberTerm 2Monday 28th OctoberWednesday 18th December
Term 3Monday 6th JanuaryFriday 14th FebruaryTerm 4Monday 24th FebruaryWednesday 1st April
Term 5Thursday 16th AprilFriday 22nd MayTerm 6Monday 8th JuneWednesday 22nd July
Staff Training: Monday 1st JuneTuesday 2nd JuneWednesday 3rd JuneThursday 4th JuneFriday 5th June

Term Dates – Academic Year 2020 – 21

Term 1Monday 3rd SeptemberFriday 19th OctoberTerm 2Monday 29th OctoberWednesday 19th December
Term 3Thursday 3rd JanuaryFriday 15th FebruaryTerm 4Monday 25th FebruaryFriday 5th April
Term 5Tuesday 23rd AprilFriday 24th MayTerm 6Monday 10th JuneTuesday 23rd July
Staff Training:Monday 3rd JuneTuesday 4th JuneWednesday 5th JuneThursday 6th JuneFriday 7th June