It is important that children arrive at school in time for the start of the school day. The late arrival of a child can upset both the child and the class to whom the child belongs. If a child is unavoidably late for the start of the school day, the child should report to the School Office to ensure he/she is entered onto the school register for that day.

The School Day

08:40 – 10:45 School Day Starts & Morning Session 1 Gates open at 08:40. Registration at 08:50. Core Subjects taught – Maths or English.
10:45 – 11:00 Morning Break Key Stage 1/Foundation and Key Stage 2 break in separate playgrounds.
11:00 – 12:10 Morning Session 2 Usually comprising Core Subjects – Maths or English.
12:10 – 13:00 Lunch Break Key Stage 1 and Foundation start Lunch at 12:05.
13:00 – 15:10 Afternoon Session The school day ends at 15:10 – children are let out of class at, or soon after, this time.


Over a school year, children are required to attend for 190 days (380 morning/afternoon) sessions.
For additional information please refer to the ‘Sickness & Absence’ page or the ‘Documents Library’ for school policy details.

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