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Day Trips

Day trips take place through voluntary contributions relating directly to the cost of the trip without any profit being made. If the numbers of children required do not have the necessary voluntary contributions towards the costs of the trip, so making it non-viable, the Headteacher has the right to cancel the trip.


All voluntary contributions are on a weekly basis. If the voluntary contributions do not cover the cost of the activity the school reserves the right to cancel this activity.

School Journeys in School Hours

If the cost of the trip is not met in full by the combined cost of voluntary contributions and board and lodging fees, then the trip will have to be cancelled.

Individual Instruction Tuition

The costs fall directly to the pupils for provision of any individual tuition.

Charging in Kind

From time to time charges may be made for ingredients and materials within certain curriculum subjects e.g. Design Technology or Science.


There may be cases of family hardship which make it difficult or pupils to take part in particular activities for which a charge is made. Through the information in this prospectus parents are invited to apply in confidence to the Headteacher, for the remission of charges in part or full. Authorisation of remission will be made by the Headteacher and Governing Body.