One Friday we came into school … and there were caution signs all over the door! We were very suspicious.

Miss Bowen gave us press pass badges, so that we had permission to walk into the room.  As we entered, the room was dark and there were sirens going off. Cautiously, we walked into the room. We saw sheets hanging from the ceiling, covered in green slime! They were in the shape of alien feet or hands which was rather scary. We eventually reached the conclusion that the sheets were part of an alien parachute!  As we approached the middle of the classroom, there was a taped off area. Inside the area was a silvery circular object. We all put our hands inside, it was green alien slime!

We then explored the classroom further, and then we found a sheet covering a window with more alien footprints covering it, with caution tape over the top. Miss Newport confirmed our suspicions … the window had been smashed!

Luckily it got fixed by the following Monday. We had a great time and did some fantastic writing!