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We Remember

This is our remembrance day entrance corridor at John Wesley CEMP as we silently enter the school hall to reflect as part of our remembrance day assembly.

Fireworks November 2018

Another spectacular fireworks display, please click the image above to view a selection of images of the night.

Cedar’s Rousseau Paintings

Today (26th February 2016) we were looking at the French artist, Henri Rousseau, who lived from 1844-1910. Rousseau was well known for his iconic paintings of house plants and wild flowers within jungle paintings. He had never had any art lesson and had never visited the jungle, which is why his paintings are not [...]

Roman News

A selection of newspaper reports from year 3 Cedar class, please visit our Roman Day workshop section to see more of our activities on the day.

Juniper Bake Off

While some the Junipers were on their residential trip to Isle Of Wight, the rest of us had a Juniper Class Bake Off. We all took part in the great Juniper bake off and each made a Victoria Sponge cake. We started by adding all our ingredients into our bowls and mixing it together. Next [...]

Alien Invasion

One Friday we came into school ... and there were caution signs all over the door! We were very suspicious. Miss Bowen gave us press pass badges, so that we had permission to walk into the room.  As we entered, the room was dark and there were sirens going off. Cautiously, we walked into the [...]