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Debbie Turnbull (BMus PGCE) offers one-to-one piano lessons at the school as part of the school day. I also provide the weekly recorder lessons that every class has throughout Key Stage 2.

I am passionate about producing independent pianists; my aim is to equip students with all the skills and know-how they need to be able to choose and play the music that they want to play – whatever style that may be. My goal is to produce life-long players of the piano, who play for enjoyment and a sense of achievement.

It is great to work in a school which values music so highly and is prepared to make it part of their wider curriculum. Please note however that whilst individual lessons take place in school, they are privately arranged and paid for by the parent/guardian. If you wish to enquire about lessons, please contact me at the email address below, and I will be able to advise you of availability. You can also visit my website at where you can contact me via the sign up page.