For Children’s Safety

Please note that for the safety of the children parents are invited to bring their children to their child’s classroom door facing the playground each morning as from 8.35 a.m. and to collect their child from the same exit at the end of the school day. Class teachers will supervise children’s entry and exit to and from the classroom for their safety. Children will only be allowed to leave the classroom once the teacher had located the child’s parent or guardian on the playground. The school does not expect children to arrive or leave school unaccompanied unless there has been an agreed prior arrangement. Parents should contact the School Office in the first instance if this pertains to their child. Staff may be available for informal short meetings with parents according to need during the school week. May we advise parents that for Health & Safety reasons they should not enter classrooms unaccompanied. Any other queries and formal appointments to meet with class teachers should be made via the School Office. Parents are advised that they do not bring their cars onto the school premises either for collecting or delivering children. Cars are only allowed on site for official business. The car park will be locked as from 8.30 a.m. and the school playground gate will be locked at 9.00 a.m. and opened at 3.00 p.m.

It is important that children arrive at school in time for the start of the school day. The late arrival of a child can upset both the child and the class to whom the child belongs. If a child is unavoidably late for the start of the school day, the child should report to the School Office to ensure he/she is entered onto the school register for that day.

School Rules

  1. Children should arrive at school as from 8.35 am. ready for the start of school at 8.50 a.m. Classroom doors will be opened for pupils as from 8.40 am.
  2. Parents’ cars must not be brought onto the school premises except for official purposes
  3. Once inside the school precincts, no child will leave until the end of the school session except with the permission of the Headteacher. Children who have school meals or packed lunches will not leave the precincts during lunch times.
  4. If children need to go to the dentist, clinic etc. during school hours they must be collected from the school office and returned likewise by a parent or other authorised adult. A “pupil pass” to cover such absences will be issued by the School Office.
  5. Parents are most welcome in the school but all visitors must report to the school office first and not go directly into a classroom as we need to have a clear record of who is in the building at any one time.
  6. If a telephone call has not been received during an absence a written note from a parent should be handed to the class teacher on a child’s return to school or the School Office informed.
  7. Medicines and pills must not be brought to the school by pupils.
  8. Sweets are not allowed at school. Where children need something to eat at break-times, a piece of fruit or vegetables are encouraged. Sweets should not be included as any part of a packed lunch. The school participates in the fruit and vegetable scheme for all pupils. The school is also part of the Cool Milk Scheme. Milk is free to pupils until they attain the age of 5, and chargeable thereafter.
  9. Dinner money, if payable, is paid in advance on Monday of the current week. Dinners are unable to be provided on credit.
  10. Money should only be brought to school when absolutely necessary, e.g. dinner money, payment for outings. Valuables should not be brought. The school cannot accept responsibility for the loss of these articles.
  11. Make-up, tattoos (non permanent type) and jewellery should not be worn. The only exception is in the case of children with pierced ears where Governors have agreed that studs with short “stalks” may be worn, as may sleepers that are very close to the ear lobe. No child attending school will be allowed to wear body piercing jewellery: except those above. Teachers have the right to refuse to teach children who continue to wear any other form of jewellery.
  12. Children’s hair should be so kept as not to cause a danger in P.E. In the interests of health & safety decorative headbands/slides/ties or grips, particularly those with beads or other hard or sharp components should not be worn. The Governors also consider that certain “fashion hairstyles” are not conducive to the ethos and values of the school, and are as such not acceptable.
  13. Children will not bring to school any object which could constitute a danger to other children.
  14. When engaged in physical activities children must be dressed appropriately. Boys should wear trunks, not shorts, for swimming.
  15. School uniform must be worn, as appropriate.
  16. The designated waiting area for parents is on the school playground, and the school gates are opened from 3p.m. Dogs should not be brought on to the school site at any time.
  17. Children should not have mobile phones, computer games or IPODs in school. If, on any occasion they are brought to school they should be left at the School Office for collection at the end of the school day. The school accepts no responsibility for their safety, accident or loss. The school further reserves the right to confiscate such articles from children if they have them on the premises.
  18. Parents are also requested to refrain from using mobile phones whilst on the school site, except in an emergency to comply with e-safety guidelines.
  19. We encourage pupils to cycle or come on scooters to school. However for health and safety reasons pupils should dismount and wheel their bicycles and scooters

The school operates a successful whole school behaviour policy, which can be found in the About Us/Documents Library – Policies section, alternatively please click here to refer to our website behaviour statement.