At John Wesley CEM Primary we believe that responsible use of children’s images, with consent from parent/carers, offers a valuable contribution to the life and morale of the school. Publishing videos of children truly engaged in their learning and enjoyment is a wonderful thing.
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We hope you enjoy our gallery of videos and rather than ‘capture’ our activities you ask your wider family to return to us to share our enriched school experiences.

Street Dance

Over the term Dance Club have been learning two street dance routines, of the children performing their two dances to parents on 8th December. In both of these performances children had to think carefully about their expression and body language to also convey meaning. 

The first routine is to David Guetta – ‘She Wolf’ and has a contemporary style twist. This dance tells the story of the battle between the hunter and the wolf.
The second dance is to Skrillex – ‘Bangarang’ and packs more of a punch! Children here play the part of a monster being electrocuted to life!

Performance Poem

In literacy year 2 have been looking at poetry, we have been reading it, writing it and performing it. We are learning about different types of poetry, riddles, nonsense poems, rhyming poems and performance poetry.

We listened to Brian Moses perform his poem ‘Walking with my Iguana’ and decided we would perform it too. We got into small groups and practised a verse. After this we all got together and performed the whole poem, each group saying their own part.

Nelson Mandela Tribute

The John Wesley Church of England and Methodist Primary School pay tribute to Nelson Mandela.

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