We encourage all children and parents to walk to school where it is possible, however, we do understand that using the car may be necessary. When driving to school please be considerate of our neighbours and other road users particularly when parking. We have asked the Community Warden, Police and Traffic Wardens to attend regularly to monitor the parking in and around the Academy. We encourage children to walk or ride to school by giving rewards and running inter-class competitions.

What a WOW way to get to school

Families are encouraged to walk to and from school on Wednesdays. Children and parents do not travel as part of a formal walk to school scheme like a walking bus, they walk on their own.

Children are issued with WOW passport tally cards where they can fix special stickers they are given every time they walk to school on a Wednesday.

The KM Walk To School Team can provide schools with an optional trophy so that at the end of each week the class with the largest numbers of walkers can be presented with the trophy by the school’s head teacher in assembly.

Each week the trophy will be presented to the class with the most walkers. Children that complete sufficient walks during the year are presented with rewards.

The initiative works best if mention is made of WOW in every newsletter issued to parents by the school. Schools will see the number of walkers rise each week and this provides positive encouragement to parents to switch from car to foot power. Additional newsletters are provided by this charity to send home in the children’s book bags to reinforce this message.

Three times a year the class with the most children walking to school involved with either WOW or Active Bug are presented with a KM Green Footsteps Challenge Trophy by this charity.

Every child in the winning class receives two free child entry tickets to Leeds Castle.

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